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1750 mmscfd Gas Processing Plant-Membrane Acid Gas Removal

Major gas development, to extract and process shale gas from two large gas reserves located in northern Canada. The gas, processed to North American pipeline specifications, is ultimately to supply a downstream LNG processing plant and export terminal, to be located on the west coast of northern Canada.

During the Concept Appraise Phase the project reviewed processing options for the main processing plant, specifically identifying and evaluating options for acid gas removal. Viable processing options for the AGRU were narrowed to two, an activated amine process and the membrane technology. Ultimately membrane technology was chosen as the select case for design development.

The processing plant  of 49.6 x 106 Sm3/d (1,750 mmscfd) capacity was to be configured with the acid gas removal units to be configured in a multi-header arrangement to maximize plant operational flexibility and availability, and 3 x 33% export compression trains to an export pressure of 101 bara. The process plant feed gas contained up to 8.5 mol% CO2 and 40 ppmv H2S. Unit operations identified for the preferred process configuration were:

  • Inlet separation
  • Acid gas removal utilizing membrane technology
  • Redox process for sulfur recovery from the waste gas stream
  • Enclosed incinerators to ensure complete combustion of residual hydrocarbon and H2S in the waste gas stream, prior to emitting to the atmosphere
  • Sales gas and membrane permeate compressors were to be electric drive centrifugal machines



    Product& Specifications:

    Sales gas controlled parameters:

    • maximum CO2  2.0 mol%
    • maximum  H2S 16 ppmv
    • water content of 4 lb/mmscf
    • Minimum Gross Heating Value 36 MJ/Sm3

    Plant Location: British Columbia, Canada

    Project Value: 

    Estimated Project Value (Processing Plant Only) $1.9B USD

    Project Date: 

    Concept Engineering Completed December 2014


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