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Field Compression Study

The requirement for field boot compression was identified for a large 3 Tcf gas field currently producing on free flow, with compression required to be installed in the short to medium term.  The peak free flow rate from the field was approximately 800 mmscfd, and the objective of the concept level technical study was to:

  • Identify options to achieve project objective of maximising value for recovery of remaining reserves
  • Develop preliminary cost estimates for the facilities component of the project for each option, to support the economic evaluation and determination of the optimum field compression project design
  • Identify and specify the main equipment required for the optimum compression project, including modifications required to the existing production system and gathering/separation facility.  Any phased installation requirements, such as future re-staging as field delivery pressure and production declines, were to be identified to capture all future project costs, and to avoid early over investment
  • Ensure compression design is sufficiently flexible to retain an acceptable efficiency as the field production declines over time
  • Identify timing and schedule for implementation of the compression project


The optimum economic outcome, based on NPV in consideration of the overall Company project portfolio was:

  • Installation of compression with an initial capacity of 400 mmscfd at buy generic viagra online 69 Barg suction pressure, with a 4x33% (5 MW ea.) configuration.
  • When suction pressure declined to below 30 Barg, the machine configuration was to change be 2 low pressure (LP) machines feeding 2 high pressure (HP) machines
  • The 2 machines operating as LP compressors would require re-wheeling at the back end of operating life
  • Abandonment pressure was identified to be 10 Barg


Pellcon Engineers resources were involved with:

  • Market survey to identify regional engineering contractor resources, and a technical evaluation of proposals submitted for executing the field compression concept study
  • Developing the scope of service for engaging the engineering contractor
  • Developed concept phase study budget and championed the project through the E&P Operator approval process
  • Technical management of the engineering contractor, and interfaces with E&P Operator reservoir engineering, drilling and development, and business functions to ensure compression project was complaint with Company objectives, and optimised for the remaining field reserves
Project Value: 

Approx $190 MM USD  (Compression component only, including gathering station modifications)

Project Date: 

Concept Study completed Jun 2010


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