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    Maximize Asset Value

moneyWe seek to maximise value for oil and gas operators using the breadth and depth of our experience, with an approach that is flexible and adaptable to suit individual customer needs.  Pellcon undertakes process studies that have enhanced benefit to our clients by :

  • Considering both technical and economic implications in unison
  • Being fully engaged with our clients every step of the way to ensure all key decisions are in line with company expectations and processes
  • Finding opportunity in both new projects and existing production and processing facilities


engineering drawings
  • Safety in design and safety in operation are priority considerations in all cases
  • Optimize concept designs to minimize lifecycle cost
  • Efficient handling of waste streams while meeting  regulatory requirements of the relevant jurisdiction
  • Effective and concise engagement with Licensed Technology Providers to ensure the most appropriate unit operations are selected for each project
  • Minimize losses through production and processing
  • Maximize energy efficiency
  • Maximize value from hydrocarbon assets
  • Identify value adding opportunities in product streams, in consideration of available markets


How We Can Help on New Projects

How We Can Help on Existing Projects

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