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Green dreams: Duterte and the Philippine mining industry
Throughout its history, the Philippine mining industry has been defined by its diverse set of political risks relating to governance, inequality, elitism, foreign export and absent contribution toward... 1 Jan 00
Trump can easily undo Obama’s Arctic Drilling Bans
Obama’s “permanent” bans on offshore oil and gas drilling in Alaska are actually “indefinite” and could end as soon as January 20.... 1 Jan 00
Australia’s energy mix: still room for coal?
Often at the frontline of extreme weather, Australia has long been a proponent of renewable energies and continues to play a strong international role on issues of climate change. Where... 1 Jan 00
Under the Radar: How sandalwood is transforming crime and commerce in Asia
The boom in sandalwood prices is creating opportunities in Australia, India and beyond but high prices are also driving a boom in crime as well.... 1 Jan 00
Will India move to ratify the Paris Climate Agreement?
China and the US have already moved to ratify the Paris Climate Agreement, with long-term implications for global business. Will India follow suit?... 1 Jan 00
Tougher times ahead for Africa’s oil and gas
The drop in oil prices has a profound impact on economic development and growth prospects in Africa.... 1 Jan 00
3 reasons why an OPEC production cap is still unlikely
Despite a recent announcement that OPEC will meet in September, a number of factors mean that any deal to cap production is still extremely unlikely.... 1 Jan 00
Leading with Lukoil: Russia’s economic diplomacy in Iran
The approval of the Iranian Petroleum Contract is the culmination of a summer of economic diplomacy between Moscow and Tehran — with Lukoil at the center.... 1 Jan 00
Africa going off the grid
Despite President Obama’s Power Africa strategy falling short of its goal of 30,000 megawatts of new and clean power generation, African alternative energy initiatives are lighting up the continent.... 1 Jan 00
Why energy reforms are Algeria’s biggest challenge yet
Algeria has begun a series of energy reforms that have provoked deep social unrest in one of the last bastions of stability in North Africa. ... 1 Jan 00
Mexico taps into renewables, with wind power leading the charge
Uncertain natural gas imports from the US are helping promote the rapid expansion of wind power throughout Mexico in the short to medium term.... 1 Jan 00
Under the Radar: Are you ready for the Middle East’s solar gold rush?
The MENA region saw over 2 GW of new solar capacity tendered in 2016, and 2017 looks to easily surpass this level as hundreds of billions of dollars begin to flow into green energy in the Arab world.... 1 Jan 00
Both America’s left and right have failed on environmental legislation
The United States needs a balanced, consistent approach to environmental policy making, not one prone to U-turns every election cycle.... 1 Jan 00
Is it too late for a Colombian oil boom?
The hoped-for Colombian oil boom may ultimately prove nonexistent due to a variety of endemic problems, including low oil reserves.... 1 Jan 00
Forget finance: Agribusiness risks could reap greater rewards
The agribusiness sector offers investors greater risks and rewards than the financial sector: take a look for yourself. Imagine a decentralized global industry, historically important to the political... 1 Jan 00
Canada’s Tar Sand Foreign Policy Stifles Manufacturing
Canada’s  over-reliance on raw commodity exports, notably the tar sands, has weakened its economy and stifled a struggling manufacturing sector. In the past few years Canada’s foreign policy has ... 1 Jan 00
The Real Reason High Oil Prices Lead to Instability
Businesses rarely gain from political instability so trying to predict unrest is a critical activity for any entity investing in a volatile corner of the world. One of the factors... 1 Jan 00
Debate Over U.S. Natural Gas Exports Heats Up
The consequences of the shale gas and oil energy revolution in the United States have had a great impact on the U.S. industry and economy. The benefits are by now... 1 Jan 00
Laos’ Mekong dam construction threatens food security
With a reported 60 million people dependent on the Mekong River’s ecological environment, the Lao government’s decision to build a new dam in the Don Sahong area is ringing alarm bells throughou... 1 Jan 00
Five political risk factors affecting oil markets in 2014
Predicting oil trends was always a precarious job, and 2014 will not be any different in that regard. But the year ahead could bring developments with longer-term consequences for the... 1 Jan 00
California drought threatens food security
Food availability, affordability and quality drive food security problems in the world. The drought in California threatens to exacerbate food security problems in all three issue areas. The state of... 1 Jan 00
EU takes steps toward energy independence from Russia
With recent events in Ukraine strongly affecting security relations between the West and Russia, both Brussels and Moscow are increasing efforts to reduce their mutual energy-financial dependency. Eur... 1 Jan 00
Energy reform in Mexico still presents risks
Mexico’s energy reforms are necessary to revitalize the sector. If the reform process is any indication, however, foreign firms will be wise to enter with caution. So dear to Mexican... 1 Jan 00
India begins to address energy security
How India chooses to address its energy security concerns will offer clues towards Modi’s foreign policy plans and the kind of power India will be in the next century. Loosely... 1 Jan 00
Local policies set back East Africa oil and gas projects
East African countries have recently discovered massive hydrocarbon reserves that could turn the area into a major supply region. Unfortunately, national projects might be held up as outdated or nonex... 1 Jan 00
Latin America’s oil winners and losers
The recent fall in international oil prices will provide oil-importing countries in Latin America with an economic bonus, while oil exporters will suffer, both economically and politically. The chance... 1 Jan 00
Falkland Islands status reignites UK-Argentina tensions
UK-Argentine tensions have risen as London plans to bolster military presence in the South Atlantic. British energy discoveries in the region and intelligence leaks are heating up the dispute over th... 1 Jan 00
Petrobras scandal threatens to derail pre-salts deposit development
Petrobras looked like a model for transparency in the energy sector and, with a recent discovery of large offshore deposits, was poised to make Brazil a regional energy superpower. However, a corru... 1 Jan 00
Lebanon oil and gas offshore exploration mired in risk
Estimates show that Lebanon has significant offshore energy reserves, including more than 120 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. International firms have lined up to begin exploration into these ene... 1 Jan 00
Environmental protests challenge Algeria fracking
Algeria is home to world’s third largest shale deposits behind China and Afghanistan. If exploited, shale gas could provide an important boost to its energy exports. A new project to... 1 Jan 00
Chile-Bolivia land dispute has long-term implications for mining and gas
The territorial dispute between Chile and Bolivia at the Hague could have long term repercussions in the the mining and gas industries. For over 136 years landlocked Bolivia has been... 1 Jan 00
The Visaginas Nuclear Power Project: Energy Security and the Long-Term View
Guest contributors Paul Murphy, Special Counsel in the Washington, DC office of Milibank, and Melissa Hersh, Principal at Hersh Consulting, LLC, provide this special report.  Energy security in the ... 1 Jan 00
Papua New Guinea is falling short of its potential
Falling commodity prices alongside poor political governance have meant that Papa New Guinea, rich in natural resources, is seemingly not fulfilling its potential. Papua New Guinea is one of the... 1 Jan 00
China seeks to secure oil supply in the South China Sea
China’s land reclamation is not just rooted in erecting a military and political presence in the South China Sea, but in its desire to safeguard the security of its petroleum... 1 Jan 00
Taiwan’s energy security in question
Taiwanese citizens and politicians alike are corralling around ideas likely to bring greater energy insecurity to the small island nation. The prospects of renewable energy present an inkling of promi... 1 Jan 00
Book review: This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate
Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything provides a realistic, exceptionally written view of what it will take to avert global climate disaster. When the first European visitors arrived in present-day ... 1 Jan 00
Crude oil prices could detract from short-term security in Nigeria
 An economic slowdown due to a decrease in oil revenues in 2016 could contribute to a deteriorating security situation in Nigeria, causing investor apprehension to rise. This article examines the... 1 Jan 00
For Nigeria and Angola, the prospect of international loans offers a mixed blessing
With Nigeria and Angola seeking international loans to help ease their oil pain, investors are hoping that any loans will lead to a revision of their worrisome economic policies.  With... 1 Jan 00
Markets respond to Turkey’s failed coup
After the failed coup, markets were quick to write off any short-term impact on oil prices. Yet, Turkey’s post-coup behavior increases risks for investors.... 1 Jan 00
Russia and China continue to forge energy ties
The Russian pivot to Asia continues with a $2.2. billion deal between energy giant Gazprom and the Chinese National Bank. The loan will help the Russian natural gas monopolist to... 1 Jan 00
The grip of OPEC “oiligopolists” weakens as Saudi strategy shifts
Oil is moving into a new paradigm, in which markets decide the price. U.S. shale production and Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 add new market dynamics.... 1 Jan 00
2017 Preview: Russia takes aim at China
Russia and China have appeared to edge closer together of late, yet Kremlin-backed deals from Rosneft are countering China. This trend will accelerate as Trump comes into office and the... 1 Jan 00
Five years after Fukushima, Japan’s nuclear sector still frozen
Half a decade and billions of dollars after the Fukushima disaster, Japan’s nuclear sector remains frozen. Is there hope for a successful restart? Before 2011, nuclear power accounted for roughly... 9 Mar 16
Under the Radar: Tanzania’s helium find risks greater instability over land
A new helium find will spur mining in Tanzania, yet this risks increasing tensions with indigenous communities over land rights, threatening investors.... 30 Jun 16
India-Pakistan tensions: Would India really abrogate the Indus Waters Treaty?
New Delhi has not ruled out the possibility of abrogating Indus Waters Treaty: what would be the consequences of such a move, and how likely is it?... 25 Oct 16
Energy Prices Drive Inflation in Japan
Japan’s efforts to increase inflation are getting a boost from energy prices, yet overall inflation rates continue to be below government targets of 2%. Inflation up Japanese consumer prices increas... 14 Sep 13
Qatar state development model holds potentail and risk
Qatar is one of the world’s smallest states, but it also has one of the largest gas reserves. Small and wealthy, Qatar’s policies have echoed elsewhere. Is it a guide... 11 Nov 13
Miliband’s Energy Price Freeze Lacks Long-Term Strategy
Labour leader Ed Miliband has decided to start a war with British energy suppliers, announcing major changes in the UK’s energy sector regulation if Labour wins the 2015 general elections.... 7 Oct 13
Oil glut could pose risk for U.S. shale oil revolution
With oil production reaching a historic peak, the U.S. may have to reconsider its 40-year-old ban on oil exports. The year 2014 could pose a milestone for the U.S. oil... 12 Jan 14
Western energy companies to re-enter Iran’s oil and gas sector
The interim agreement on Iran’s nuclear programme with the international community began on January 20, and Iran has  taken steps to attract foreign investments in its neglected oil and gas... 9 Feb 14