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2016: Top five trends in oil markets
The oil industry is facing another tough year ahead. Here are five top trends that will dominate the oil markets in 2016. Oil glut will continue well into 2016 The... 6 Jan 16
Congressional spending deal boosts US energy security
Abandoning a crude oil exports ban and introducing tax incentives for wind and solar power as part of a Congressional spending deal could become a powerful tool to strengthen the... 22 Dec 15
The impact of Nepal’s fuel crisis on women and children
The fuel crisis in Nepal is adding more to a Nepali woman’s load, both physically and mentally. Richa Pokhrel, co-founder and editor of the blog Nepali Chhori, provides this guest analysis.  It... 22 Dec 15
The future of oil production in Iraq
Despite security and financial troubles, Iraq’s crude oil production has grown substantially over the last five years. Moving into 2016, what challenges remain for Iraq’s oil sector? Since 2010, I... 21 Dec 15
The price war continues, but oil might rise soon
While OPEC decided to continue the price war at its December meeting, the downturn in oil prices might end in 2016, due to rebalancing in global supply and demand. OPEC’s... 9 Dec 15
The state of the European Energy Union
European Commission plan to make Europe’s energy market more integrated and less dependent on Russia will be stuck in intense negotiations in the next few years. Diverging interests between member... 7 Dec 15
Morocco will soon have the world’s largest solar power plant
Morocco will soon be known as a solar giant with its world’s largest concentrated solar power plant, providing electricity to 1.1 million Moroccans by 2018. The Moroccan city of Ouarzazte... 4 Dec 15
Space Act could open door to multi-trillion dollar industry
November 25th 2015 marks a landmark day for space exploration and commerce, as President Obama gives American citizens the right to mine asteroids for rare earth metals and minerals. There... 4 Dec 15
Book review: This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate
Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything provides a realistic, exceptionally written view of what it will take to avert global climate disaster. When the first European visitors arrived in present-day ... 2 Dec 15
Mozambique free of landmines but extractive sector remains explosive
Extractive sectors face persistent security and political risks which could become increasingly serious as investment floods in, unless effectively managed by investors and the government. On November... 2 Dec 15
Turkey remains a strategic partner for the West
Turkey may be a better strategic partner than Russia to both the U.S. and Europe. Just as the Western Roman Empire could not survive without access to the riches of its... 1 Dec 15
The economic impact of climate change in Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia is expected to face the worst effects of global warming in the next 30 to 50 years. This will have a significant impact on regional economies and livelihoods.... 30 Nov 15
OPEC likely to continue price war
The OPEC’s December meeting might cause more stir than usual, as the period of low oil prices enters its 18th month with no visible signs of changes in sight, and... 28 Nov 15
What we can expect from COP21
Following the Paris attacks, the UN’s upcoming Climate Change Conference has been maintained. Commonly described as critical for climate efforts on political agendas, it might be more efficient in r... 27 Nov 15
Opportunities in China’s nuclear revival
Shifts in the energy industry and commodity markets have meant a consistent decline for the nuclear industry in the West. Recent developments in China however, have signaled that the PRC... 13 Nov 15
Challenges for Libya’s oil sector
Libya’s oil sector faces a host of challenges. The failure of the Tripoli-based GNC and Tobruk governments to reach a unity peace deal last month is pushing the country into... 9 Nov 15
Risky Fumes: The coming diesel regulatory shakeup
The VW emission-cheating scandal has drawn a great deal of media attention, sparking public outrage and casting all sorts of doubts about the once promising greener nature of Diesel engines... 4 Nov 15
Papua New Guinea is falling short of its potential
Falling commodity prices alongside poor political governance have meant that Papa New Guinea, rich in natural resources, is seemingly not fulfilling its potential. Papua New Guinea is one of the... 1 Nov 15
Lake Turkana: A land of opportunity?
Lake Turkana region in north-west Kenya is attracting significant foreign investment. However, political and security dynamics are sensitive, fragile and complex. Turkana County, an underdeveloped, re... 31 Oct 15
Russia is creating a global nuclear power empire
Russia is moving to create a global nuclear power empire — a bold power play that elicits opportunity and risk far beyond the nuclear reactors themselves. With its ploys in... 29 Oct 15
Three trends in Russia’s oil and gas
The status of Russian oil and gas is a factor near the core of many of the world’s most wide-reaching risks and opportunities. Here are three trends set to shape... 21 Oct 15
Nigeria’s crude troubles leave oil investors weary
With the formation of the Nigerian government still underway, uncertainty over reforms in the oil industry and macroeconomic mismanagement are making investors increasingly weary amid significant capi... 20 Oct 15
Growth in renewable energy is slowing, but China still leads the pack
The verdict from the International Energy Agency is in on the medium-term renewables market, and the forecast is mixed. China, however, is still leading the global push for clean energy. ... 13 Oct 15
How long will the US oil export ban last?
As low oil prices continue to put pressure on US producers, the Obama Administration is in no hurry to abolish the 40 year-old oil export ban. Ever since the US... 1 Oct 15
Egypt’s gas find sets Mediterranean geopolitics on fire
The recent natural gas find in Egypt ensures the country’s energy security, but also alters the energy and geopolitical dynamics in the eastern Mediterranean. Over the past few years, the... 29 Sep 15
“Supergiant” gas field could transform Egypt’s energy industry
The discovery of a massive natural gas field could take pressure off of Egyptians suffering from a historic energy crisis. But the find throws into question a pending deal with... 23 Sep 15
Taiwan’s energy security in question
Taiwanese citizens and politicians alike are corralling around ideas likely to bring greater energy insecurity to the small island nation. The prospects of renewable energy present an inkling of promi... 21 Sep 15
Falling oil prices hurt Russia more than sanctions
As oil prices continue to go south and emerging markets remain in turmoil, Russia is struggling to keep its sanction-affected economy floating. For years, the Russian economy enjoyed stable growth... 17 Sep 15
Will OPEC change its ways as oil continues to tumble?
Once the indisputable ruler of oil markets, the OPEC cartel is under great pressure to revise its current policy as low oil prices are starting to hurt oil exporters’ economies... 11 Sep 15
Canada and Russia’s Arctic path to reconciliation
Much attention has been paid to Moscow’s interest in developing the emerging Northern Sea Route that runs the length of the Russian Arctic coast. However, Russia can also benefit from... 8 Sep 15
Low oil prices fuel political and economic instability
A year after the beginning of the biggest oil price slump in a decade, it is worthwhile to assess the current state of affairs and estimate the costs both for... 6 Sep 15
Algeria feels squeezed by falling energy prices
With an economy heavily dependent on oil, Algeria has launched a series of measures to secure falling revenues. Within OPEC, Algeria, perhaps more than other of its oil-producing members, is... 21 Aug 15
Andean investors wary due to lack of standards
Across the Andean region, foreign companies interested in natural resource extraction are clashing with indigenous communities. The main problem is inadequate government legislation concerning appropr... 20 Aug 15
Egypt’s urgent water problem
The topic on the forefront of discussions in Egypt has focused on the expansion of the Suez Canal and its possible economic benefits. But little attention has been devoted to... 20 Aug 15
Azerbaijan tensions threaten Europe’s energy plans
Azerbaijan recently garnered media attention as host of the first ever European Games, as well as for the government’s crackdown on journalists and protesters. A security risk not often discussed... 13 Aug 15
China seeks to secure oil supply in the South China Sea
China’s land reclamation is not just rooted in erecting a military and political presence in the South China Sea, but in its desire to safeguard the security of its petroleum... 4 Aug 15
Five major challenges facing Russia’s gas giant Gazprom
The leadership of Gazprom — the state-owned company which in the past has accounted for about one-fifth of Russia’s budget revenues—is upbeat about the energy giant’s prospects, formally pursu... 3 Aug 15
Is Power of Siberia a pipeline of the future?
The Power of Siberia pipeline is a 4,000 km natural gas pipeline. Upon its expected completion in 2019, it will be the largest fuel network in the world and fully... 29 Jul 15
Securing the sealanes of the super highway
Safe, secure and continuous supplies of energy are critical to modern society, providing the lifeblood to the global economy. The securitization of energy for heat, light and transportation affirms th... 25 Jul 15
Australia’s climate policy hindering future opportunities
The Australian government’s policy towards climate change is in stark contrast to the rest of the world. Is this policy promising to help bolster a fledging economy or is it... 25 Jul 15
Despite sanctions, Russia remains global energy player
Sanctions may have damaged the Russian energy sector, but Russian energy diplomacy is still scoring goals and helping Russia to retain its global power status. By seeking out alternative markets... 17 Jul 15
Southeast Asia: The new piracy capital
Southeast Asia has recently regained the reputation as the world’s worst region for piracy. With one third of world shipping going through the regions’ waters, the costs to trade and... 13 Jul 15
The Grand Inga Dam: Solution to Africa’s “energy apartheid?”
A look at one of the most ambitious megaprojects in the modern era which could unlock Africa’s potential and uplift millions out of energy poverty.  Megaprojects in emerging markets have... 7 Jul 15
Deforestation impacting pharmaceutical industry
Global rainforests hold unknown treasures for fighting and curing multiple diseases. But whilst the complete destruction of the world’s remaining rainforests looms on the horizon, pharmaceutical com... 29 Jun 15
The Visaginas Nuclear Power Project: Energy Security and the Long-Term View
Guest contributors Paul Murphy, Special Counsel in the Washington, DC office of Milibank, and Melissa Hersh, Principal at Hersh Consulting, LLC, provide this special report.  Energy security in the ... 24 Jun 15
Oil reawakens territorial dispute between Venezuela and Guyana
Diplomatic tensions between South American neighbors Venezuela and Guyana intensified after an Exxon exploration ship began operating in the disputed offshore area on Guyana’s behalf. Venezuela ha... 19 Jun 15
Cairo’s ‘Zabaleen’ garbage collectors: Egypt’s diamond in the rough
Despite being sidelined for a decade, Cairo’s ‘Zabaleen’ garbage collectors have cultivated one of the world’s greenest waste-management systems – a rare entrepreneurial success story in Egy... 12 Jun 15
Can the UK’s Green Investment Bank inspire the global community?
The Green Investment Bank (GIB) is leading the world in funding innovative solutions and setting the UK at the forefront of the next generation of energy infrastructure. Can the GIB... 9 Jun 15
OPEC losing its ability to set global oil prices
The June OPEC meeting should not bring too many surprises, as the cartel’s unofficial leader, Saudi Arabia, will not support production cuts in order to boost falling prices, but will... 3 Jun 15
Mexico’s low oil, low growth environment
Mexico’s central bank has cut its 2015 growth forecast for the second time in three months, in wake of concerns over the decline in oil production and weaker-than-expected growth from the... 29 May 15