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Why China should encourage a pipeline from Turkmenistan to Europe
Turkmenistan has emerged as a potential supplier of natural gas (NG) to Europe as the EU desperately searches for an alternative to Russian energy. The prospect of European exploitation of... 28 May 15
Despite recent upshots, oil prices will remain subdued
Despite recent gains, oil prices will remain subdued as the oil glut continues to dominate global markets. Increases in US and OPEC oil production will play a big part in... 28 May 15
What can be done to stop the depletion of the world’s natural resources?
The depletion of most of the world’s most pivotal natural resources looms on the horizon, but state and private companies engaged in extracting, cultivating, and trading raw materials have proven... 26 May 15
Chile-Bolivia land dispute has long-term implications for mining and gas
The territorial dispute between Chile and Bolivia at the Hague could have long term repercussions in the the mining and gas industries. For over 136 years landlocked Bolivia has been... 22 May 15
Four opportunities presented by stabilizing oil prices
The past year has been seen oil prices drop to below $50 per barrel. But now that prices seem to be stabilizing, a number of new trends and investment opportunities... 21 May 15
New government in Alberta brings uncertain future for Canada’s oil industry
As Canada prepares for a general election in the fall, the collapse of an aligned provincial government is likely to unsettle many federal conservatives and force a revaluation of electoral... 12 May 15
Can Uganda escape the natural resource curse?
Uganda is standing at a crossroads: exploration of its significant oil reserves is due to start in 2017 and is expected to generate huge revenues and foreign investments. Can Uganda... 9 May 15
Clean energy: China’s new strategy for growth
China has been investing large sums of money into clean energy – in fact, more than any other country in the world. The reasons for this are strategic, and can... 3 May 15
Is food security prompting a new race for Africa?
Rising food security concerns are driving developed countries to negotiate alarmingly large land purchases across the global south. While Western Europe led the colonization of Africa in the 19th cent... 30 Apr 15
Tensions in Mozambique may threaten extractive sector
The political situation in Mozambique has become worrisome, as opposition party Renamo puts pressure on the ruling Frelimo party and threatens to use force to achieve its political objectives. Confli... 28 Apr 15
Amid falling production, Latin American oil is caught in the doldrums
Latin America’s oil industries, long seen as a relatively safe investment, are now caught in a squeeze between low oil prices, intra-hemisphere competition, corruption scandals, and increasingly voc... 27 Apr 15
How water is critical to a lasting Middle East peace
While agricultural output in Palestinian territories is a key driver of the domestic economy, uncertainties revolving around water supply and allocations by Israel continue to weaken economic prospec... 21 Apr 15
Falkland Islands status reignites UK-Argentina tensions
UK-Argentine tensions have risen as London plans to bolster military presence in the South Atlantic. British energy discoveries in the region and intelligence leaks are heating up the dispute over th... 20 Apr 15
Illegal sand mining threatens the global construction boom
It sounds like a paradox, but the world is running out of sand – the type of sand that keeps the current global construction boom alive. Sand has become so scarce... 18 Apr 15
Short on energy, South Africa works in the dark
The South African public electricity utility Eskom is in a perceived crisis, threatening to constrain the local economy. Strong financial indicators from recent months, however, show the South Africa... 16 Apr 15
Yemen crisis increases oil price volatility
Instability over Houthi insurgency and Saudi air strikes in Yemen have caused increased oil price volatility. It is fair to say that instability will continue in Yemen for some time... 12 Apr 15
Despite Iran deal, price war will dominate 2015 oil markets
Regardless of the final outcome of Iran’s nuclear programme negotiations, the coming months will see a continuing price war between OPEC producers and the shrinking US shale sector. The recent agre... 10 Apr 15
Uruguay to provide port space for landlocked Bolivia
Uruguay has signed an agreement with the Bolivian President Evo Morales to provide the landlocked Bolivia an outlet to the sea. The project will allow the country to access the Atlantic... 7 Apr 15
$10 billion Russia-Jordan nuclear deal promises dividends
Last week, Jordan signed a $10 billion dollar deal with Russia to build the country’s first nuclear power plant. For an energy-strapped nation as Jordan, the project is an important investment... 2 Apr 15
Solar gas promises to upset energy politics
Solar gas technology is the product of formidable innovations and research in the field of emissions-free technologies. This fairly new source of energy presents governments and private enterprises wi... 23 Mar 15
EU-Russia energy relations at lowest point since Cold War
It has been one year since the controversial referendum on Crimean independency took place under the protection of Russian arms and the factual annexation of the strategically important peninsula in... 20 Mar 15
Environmental protests challenge Algeria fracking
Algeria is home to world’s third largest shale deposits behind China and Afghanistan. If exploited, shale gas could provide an important boost to its energy exports. A new project to... 20 Mar 15
End of commodity supercycle puts pressure on US agriculture
With profit margins shrinking, American agriculture faces risk management challenges. One approach would be to make a priority of managing margin risk. The boom of the commodity supercycle is over,... 8 Mar 15
New EU Energy Union aimed at breaking dependence on Russia
The recently announced Energy Union proposal is largely aimed at reducing the EU’s dependence on Russian gas. However, the proposed measures are unlikely to bring about the desired results. On... 4 Mar 15
Global oil glut could further depress oil prices
With the global oil supply expected to outpace demand in 2015 and 2016, there is a growing risk from an oil glut that might further slash oil prices. The 50 percent... 2 Mar 15
Does the moon hold the key to the world’s energy crisis?
The worlds largest energy consumers are deeply aware of the urgency of addressing their energy trilemmas – how to balance energy security, energy equity (access and affordability) and environmental ... 28 Feb 15
OPEC’s influence has long been exaggerated
The nearly 50% decline in oil prices questions the future of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and casts doubt on its ability to influence prices. However, the... 25 Feb 15
Keystone XL vote increases Washington gridlock
Both the House and Senate have voted to approve the Keystone XL, but President Obama is slated to veto the bill. With important deadlines coming up, the Keystone debate will... 24 Feb 15
Côte d’Ivoire needs natural gas to satisfy electricity demand
As electricity demand is projected to expand beyond Côte d’Ivoire’s existing supply of power generation sources, the country depends on future discoveries of natural gas to meet its domestic grow... 24 Feb 15
Five countries most affected by the oil price crash
Since June 2014, global oil prices have dropped by more than 50%. The drop could strongly affect the economic and political stability of these five oil exporting countries. Oil prices... 21 Feb 15
Lebanon oil and gas offshore exploration mired in risk
Estimates show that Lebanon has significant offshore energy reserves, including more than 120 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. International firms have lined up to begin exploration into these ene... 21 Feb 15
Oil price drop reveals Iraq’s structural problems
“Iraq’s state finances are increasingly vulnerable to a drop in oil prices and the government could have difficulty financing this year’s budget plan.” – IMF Mission Chief for Iraq, 27... 17 Feb 15
Central Eastern Europe and energy diversification
Since the outbreak of the crisis in Ukraine, the Central Eastern European (CEE) countries, namely the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, have been facing an increasing pressure to move... 16 Feb 15
Eskom’s problems highlight flaws in South Africa’s energy plans
On Sunday 8 February 2015, South African taxpayer-owned electricity utility Eskom achieved an unwelcome milestone after it imposed the sixth consecutive day of load shedding. With more days likely to... 14 Feb 15
Oil sector expected to reduce investment in new projects
Despite the overall benefits for the global economy, the prolonged period of low oil prices is likely to reduce investment in new oil projects, raising the potential for economic and political... 7 Feb 15
Low oil prices bring instability to the global oil sector
A pro-longed period of low oil prices could have long-term consequences for the future of the oil industry and geopolitical stability of some oil exporting countries. Falling oil prices can be... 29 Jan 15
Mexico’s oil and gas industry depends on greater security
As the oil and gas industry deals with a very unfavourable international market environment, Mexico’s current government can no longer ignore the risks posed by the country’s challenging security ... 25 Jan 15
Scotland stands to gain from renewable energy projects
Scotland’s renewable energy industry is not only helping it achieve its emissions targets, the large-scale energy projects that are currently underway in Scotland will create jobs, improve infrastru... 25 Jan 15
Oil outlook for 2015
“Best two days in 3 years,” read a headline closing the final week before Christmas, an early gift for US equity traders – tonic enough for most to wash down the... 23 Jan 15
Petrobras scandal threatens to derail pre-salts deposit development
Petrobras looked like a model for transparency in the energy sector and, with a recent discovery of large offshore deposits, was poised to make Brazil a regional energy superpower. However, a corru... 18 Jan 15
Is genetic engineering a Black Swan for humanity?
Farming made civilization possible. Does crop technology spell the end of human existence? Some believe doom is a certainty. Fortunately, science is never certain and empirical evidence says no. by... 4 Jan 15
Will Angola’s sovereign wealth fund allow it to adapt to falling oil prices?
Amidst declining global oil prices, Angola – Africa’s second largest oil producer – has announced plans to minimize its dependence on international commodity exports by dedicating part of its so... 4 Jan 15
Shale oil boom uncertain in wake of falling oil prices
No state in the US has benefitted more from the shale oil boom than North Dakota. Just as quickly as the transformation came, it could disappear with low oil prices.... 2 Jan 15
Argentina’s uncertain energy future
Despite natural resource potential and recent policy changes to encourage investment, Argentina faces challenges in the energy sector as global oil prices are low, investor confidence remains shaky an... 27 Dec 14
DRC and Uganda could benefit from joint oil agreement
Tensions along the border between Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Uganda have risen over the last decade, as successive exploration and appraisal efforts have revealed presence of massive oil ... 23 Dec 14
OPEC ‘no-cut’ decision adds to Middle East divide
OPEC’s recent decision to not to cut oil production and instead maintain low prices is having a ripple effect across the Middle East. While countries with rich oil reserves are... 16 Dec 14
Conflict in South Sudan a major concern for China
Economic dependence and political conflict between Sudan and South Sudan has turned into a dire investment climate. Chinese companies are caught in the middle, but also capitalise on political divisio... 14 Dec 14
Jordan-Israel energy deal faces public opposition
With increased conflict in Iraq and Syria and diplomatic disagreements with Israel, the Jordanian public’s dissatisfaction with King Abdullah is growing. With a struggling economy, Jordan must strik... 11 Dec 14
Latin America’s oil winners and losers
The recent fall in international oil prices will provide oil-importing countries in Latin America with an economic bonus, while oil exporters will suffer, both economically and politically. The chance... 9 Dec 14
Mediterranean energy alliances isolate Turkey
The discovery of hydrocarbons has altered the geopolitical situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, leading to the formation of new alliances that leave Turkey out of the game. With regional crises... 5 Dec 14