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EDA: Declining oil prices pose threat to Algerian economy
EXTERNAL DEPENDENCIES ANALYSIS: In view of declining oil prices further dependence on the hydrocarbon sector may lead Algeria to face economic and political tremors in the long term.  One of the... 1 Dec 14
EDA: Egypt exposed to price shocks in subsidy overhaul
EXTERNAL DEPENDENCIES ANALYSIS: Egypt’s attempts to reform highly subsidized oil and grain markets reveal key trade vulnerabilities. Egypt’s dependency on imported oil and cereals (despite its ow... 1 Dec 14
EDA: At risk of collapse Libya leans on oil industry
EXTERNAL DEPENDENCIES ANALYSIS: As rival militias continue their fight for power in Tripoli and across the country, Libya hopes the security of its vital oil industry can provide some semblance of... 1 Dec 14
How Brazil is failing Petrobras
Petrobras has recently found itself mired in corruption scandals and holding sky-high debts that have led to the downgrade of its credit rating. Much of what’s behind the lagging performance... 30 Nov 14
New energy bill creates uncertainty for investors in Nigeria
Nigeria tries to develop its stagnating oil reserves by attracting foreign investment through a new Petroleum Industry Bill. But the bill seems more likely to create greater political risk and scare... 27 Nov 14
Cutting oil production will not solve OPEC’s problems
As oil prices continue to fall, OPEC faces a dilemma at its meeting in Vienna on 27 November. Members must decide between decreasing production that will support the oil prices but... 25 Nov 14
Russia and China extend energy ties at APEC
With another major energy deal reached on the fringes of APEC Summit in Beijing, Russia and China continue to strengthen their energy ties with significant geopolitical consequences for both countries... 22 Nov 14
Local policies set back East Africa oil and gas projects
East African countries have recently discovered massive hydrocarbon reserves that could turn the area into a major supply region. Unfortunately, national projects might be held up as outdated or nonex... 11 Nov 14
New oil tax laws in Russia could backfire
Eurasian integration in the new Eurasian Economic Union forces Russia to introduce a so called “tax maneuver” in its oil industry with negative consequences. Eurasian economic and political inte... 5 Nov 14
Will US shale oil undermine its own success?
The US shale revolution has remarkably influenced global energy markets over the past five years. Can falling oil prices tarnish the extraordinary success of hydraulic fracturing in the US and... 4 Nov 14
Three perspectives on falling oil prices
Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the US will feel the effects of oil prices in radically different ways. It would be logical to think that the emergence of ISIL would have... 16 Oct 14
Ukraine crisis hurts Arctic relations
Western sanctions spell serious disruptions for petroleum exploration in the Arctic, and threaten to undo decades of work to foster cross-border trade and relations in northern Norway. The crisis in... 9 Oct 14
Energy still contentious issue between Moscow and West
With European efforts to diversify its energy sources and reduce dependency on Russia, the conflict over energy is likely to spread beyond Ukraine. The fragile ceasefire and negotiations between Ukrai... 28 Sep 14
Lack of security, infrastructure threaten Colombia’s mining sector
Colombia’s mining industry must overcome significant obstacles in terms of security and infrastructure in order to tap into economic potential. On September 4, Colombian national authorities identi... 25 Sep 14
Three things to know about the India-Australia uranium deal
The India-Australian uranium deal may help India address critical energy issues while enhancing its growing legitimacy as a nuclear power and shoring up Australia’s economic security. On Friday Augu... 19 Sep 14
Four places that could become water conflict zones
Water is the single most important resource on the planet but human consumption is already beginning to outpace growth of the global water supply. As a result, tensions over shared water... 16 Sep 14
India begins to address energy security
How India chooses to address its energy security concerns will offer clues towards Modi’s foreign policy plans and the kind of power India will be in the next century. Loosely... 29 Aug 14
Mosul Dam recapture reveals poor Iraqi infrastructure
The recapture of the Mosul Dam from the Islamic State (IS) by Iraqi and Kurdish forces underscores the instability of Iraq’s infrastructure. Without continued US military support, IS is sure... 25 Aug 14
Jordan turns to China for energy development
Despite the conflict in Iraq and Syria at its front door, Jordan is moving forward with plans to develop its energy sector. China is Jordan’s fastest growing partner in this... 17 Aug 14
Mexico’s oil reforms aim to boost revenue
President Enrique Peña Nieto’s privatization efforts are an attempt to restart revenue generation in the oil sector, which had stalled. Nieto hopes greater tax revenue from the sector may help ... 9 Aug 14
Canadian aboriginal victory jeopardise energy projects
Late June, Canada’s Supreme Court granted the First Nations group Tsilhqot’in aboriginal title over a vast area of land in British Columbia. The ruling puts energy and natural resource projects ... 26 Jul 14
SEC implements ‘conflict mineral’ rule
The U.S. SEC’s ‘conflict mineral rule’ now requires companies to disclose their use of conflict minerals that originated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or an adjoining country. ... 12 Jul 14
Energy shortfall reshapes Japan’s foreign policy
Since the Fukushima disaster, Japan has been forced to import much of its energy. This has created significant geo-political and economic risks and has reshaped its foreign policy. In June,... 4 Jul 14
Europe moves to reduce energy dependency on Russia
The Ukrainian crisis and sour relations with Russia highlight the need to address the EU’s energy security issues. The recent EU Ypres summit decision might be an important step in... 3 Jul 14
Disputes from Maracanã to Marikana put pressure on mining
From Brazil to South Africa and beyond, disputes threaten to disrupt the extractive industry. More than ever, mining firms need to address their social and environmental costs in a sustainable way... 20 Jun 14
Energy reform in Mexico still presents risks
Mexico’s energy reforms are necessary to revitalize the sector. If the reform process is any indication, however, foreign firms will be wise to enter with caution. So dear to Mexican... 6 Jun 14
Midterm elections haunt fracking in Pennsylvania
The political momentum in America is turning the tide against development of the Marcellus Shale in the Keystone state. Pennsylvanian Governor Tom Corbett is facing a tough reelection in the... 2 Jun 14
Sino-Russian natural gas deal transforms global energy markets
The Sino-Russian energy deal will have profound economic consequences for global energy markets and will have an impact on relations between Russia and the West. On 21 May, Russia and... 27 May 14
US Decline Series: Shale transforms the US into a global energy giant
Technological innovations and a positive regulatory framework are transforming the United States into a major energy player that is beginning to change the global energy outlook. This GRI series chall... 27 May 14
Final agreement with Iran would boost trade but hurt China
With the introduction of a comprehensive agreement and the thawing of U.S-Iranian relations, a new era of regional dynamics will be ushered in. Some of these dynamics could adversely impact... 26 May 14
Austria-Russia gas deal exposes EU disunity over Ukraine
A recent gas deal between Austrian energy company OMV and Russian gas exporter Gazprom exposes fractures within the European Union bloc over responses to the Ukraine crisis and threatens the... 20 May 14
Israeli gas upsets Mediterranean energy dynamics
Israeli natural gas exports have the potential to reshape energy dynamics across the Mediterranean, helping Israel and its neighbors to diversify their energy access. Regional political risks, however... 23 Apr 14
Four Countries that beat the resource curse
Four countries that have successfully navigated the potential pitfalls of natural resource wealth provide examples of how best to avoid falling victim to the “paradox of plenty.” A quick look... 22 Apr 14
What US oil boom can learn from Australia and Canada
America’s new oil boom is reshaping the global energy dynamic, and the U.S would be wise to heed lessons from Canada and Australia. You will hear it out of many... 15 Apr 14
EU takes steps toward energy independence from Russia
With recent events in Ukraine strongly affecting security relations between the West and Russia, both Brussels and Moscow are increasing efforts to reduce their mutual energy-financial dependency. Eur... 11 Apr 14
Part III of IV: Why Indonesia needs further energy subsidy reform
The Indonesian government has been hesitant to cut subsidies out of fear of public unrest and political backlash. As domestic energy demand continues its historic growth, however, the economic cost... 9 Apr 14
Iran is open for business and Switzerland leads the way
As Switzerland lifts its economic sanctions against Iran, Swiss companies lead the way in exploiting new opportunities. But the waters between Iran’s new openness and the West’s suspicions are tr... 31 Mar 14
Foreign investment in Equatorial Guinea resilient despite corruption
Equatorial Guinea has rich energy reserves, and despite corruption and political instability foreign investment has continued. Proposed plans to diversify the economy could create new investment op... 30 Mar 14
Lack of energy sector reform holds back Russian economy
Russia remains a leading worldwide energy exporter, but its energy sector remains a laggard in desperate need of modernization. Governmental corruption and a restricted domestic market both stand in t... 25 Mar 14
India balances energy relationship with the Middle East
As India’s demand for energy and investment continues to increase, the Republic must strike a careful balance in its relationships with its many Middle Eastern trading partners. With over 1.2... 16 Mar 14
Energy sector strongly affected by Ukraine crisis
With events rapidly unfolding, energy comes to the forefront in the East-West conflict over Ukraine.  The past weeks in Ukraine have once again shown a close correlation between extreme political... 15 Mar 14
Arctic extraction sees huge potential, high risks
Massive petroleum and mineral reserves in the Arctic region are gradually becoming accessible due to climate change. However, companies face high risks as a result of large investment and operational... 6 Mar 14
Pipeline to Turkey intensifies dispute over Iraqi oil
Tension between the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) and the Iraqi central government once again escalated as a new pipeline links oil fields in Northern Iraq directly to Turkey. Turkey has... 1 Mar 14
California drought threatens food security
Food availability, affordability and quality drive food security problems in the world. The drought in California threatens to exacerbate food security problems in all three issue areas. The state of... 25 Feb 14
Russia is eyeing China to expand energy ties with Asia
As Europe aims to diversify its energy sources, Russia is looking to the East to develop links with the more energy-prospective Asian markets. In June 2013, Russia’s oil giant Rosneft... 24 Feb 14
New rules for Indonesia’s mining sector see exports static
Indonesia has placed an export ban on mined ore to encourage local processing. The regulatory changes have been met with resistance from international mining companies, and investor confidence in Ind... 20 Feb 14
ICJ grants Peru more ocean, maintains Chilean fishing grounds in ruling
On January 27th 2014, the International Court of Justice compromised in determining the maritime boundary between Peru and Chile, granting rights to key fishing stocks. Ruling on a case filed... 15 Feb 14
Western energy companies to re-enter Iran’s oil and gas sector
The interim agreement on Iran’s nuclear programme with the international community began on January 20, and Iran has  taken steps to attract foreign investments in its neglected oil and gas... 9 Feb 14
Iran’s return prompts change to Saudi Arabia’s energy strategy
The Iranian nuclear deal poses a major threat to Saudi Arabia’s influence over both the GCC and OPEC, as Gulf nations reestablish relations with Iran. As a result, Saudi has... 5 Feb 14
Despite India’s uncertain economy, solar energy is a good bet
While things seem to have turned around in the last couple of months, in 2013 India’s economy grew at its slowest rate – around 5% – in over a decade. However,... 3 Feb 14