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Peru’s informal mining sector threatens economic growth
Peru faces the critical challenge of regulating the informal mining sector. Leaning on the extractive industries for private investment, the rise of an extrajudicial gold rush could jeopardize econom... 2 Feb 14
Sustainability fears drive water pipeline in the Gulf
Representatives from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states met recently in Kuwait to discuss the construction of a new pipeline in the region. At a projected cost of $10.5 billion for... 28 Jan 14
Investment in carbon industry increasingly exposed to environmental risks
Ignoring environment-related risks could trigger the next financial crisis. Oil companies and other carbon industry investors are exposed to some $7 bn in liabilities as a result of investing in “s... 24 Jan 14
Five political risk factors affecting oil markets in 2014
Predicting oil trends was always a precarious job, and 2014 will not be any different in that regard. But the year ahead could bring developments with longer-term consequences for the... 22 Jan 14
China’s territorial sovereignty dispute is all about energy
China seeks energy security through its territorial claim to the possibly ‘natural resource rich’ areas of the South China Sea, jeopardising diplomatic relations with the remaining five countries,... 22 Jan 14
Shale boom prompts calls for expanded US oil and gas exports
As US energy production increases from newly tapped shale resources, powerful voices are calling for a reexamination of the limitation on US crude exports and for a faster process permitting exports... 15 Jan 14
Oil privatisation central to Mexico’s economic overhaul
In an act that was met with mixed views by its public, Mexico’s nationalised oil sector has been opened for private investment for the first time in 75 years. In... 14 Jan 14
Oil glut could pose risk for U.S. shale oil revolution
With oil production reaching a historic peak, the U.S. may have to reconsider its 40-year-old ban on oil exports. The year 2014 could pose a milestone for the U.S. oil... 12 Jan 14
Has India lost the bid for Sri Lanka’s hydrocarbons?
There have been signs of natural gas and oil reserves off the coast of Sri Lanka since the 1970s. However, a prolonged, bloody civil war lead to a halt in... 29 Dec 13
Tensions rise as OPEC countries look to increase production
OPEC’s internal tensions rise as producers like Iran, Iraq and Libya, after years of production below capacity, look to increase output. Still, those increases will not come online for some... 23 Dec 13
Argentina’s nationalized oil company may plague finances
A new deal between the Argentina and Repsol, a Spanish multinational oil and gas company, will mark a new era for Argentinian state finances. It also introduces an important question: will Repsol’... 15 Dec 13
India moves on long-term plans for Arctic investment
This year, India experienced economic turmoil that highlighted several obstacles to long-term growth. The rupee crash and slowed economic growth have led some to question whether the world’s larges... 14 Dec 13
Laos’ Mekong dam construction threatens food security
With a reported 60 million people dependent on the Mekong River’s ecological environment, the Lao government’s decision to build a new dam in the Don Sahong area is ringing alarm bells throughou... 6 Dec 13
Turkey tightens Kurdistan ties to Baghdad’s chagrin
Kurdistan, the oil-rich semi-autonomous region in northern Iraq, will begin selling oil to Turkey despite vocal objections by the Iraqi government over the contracts’ legitimacy. Turkish-Iraqi relat... 4 Dec 13
Cutting green taxes won’t fix the UK’s energy cost problems
Some of the UK’s green taxes are likely to be cut soon, but renewable energy may be the surprising beneficiary of the move. After two months of formulating a response... 28 Nov 13
Despite reform, Brazil and Mexico lack energy investments
Latin America is endowed with significant oil and natural gas reserves, which until recently offered little opportunity for private investment. However, new reforms and the expansion of the renewable ... 25 Nov 13
Qatar state development model holds potentail and risk
Qatar is one of the world’s smallest states, but it also has one of the largest gas reserves. Small and wealthy, Qatar’s policies have echoed elsewhere. Is it a guide... 11 Nov 13
Russia plans to win the Arctic race
Russia’s behavior in the Arctic reveals a strong prioritization of national economy and energy security at the expense of environmental sustainability. This behavior has an important effect on the ... 6 Nov 13
The shale gas revolution is about to hit China
Shale gas extraction shows promising signs in China. The current 5-year plan aims to produce 60-100 billion cubic meters by 2020, so look for a more cohesive Chinese approach to... 3 Nov 13
UK is reviving nuclear energy in Europe with higher costs
The British government recently made a deal with French-owned EDF, Arriva and Chinese investors to continue with the development of the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant in Somerset. This represents... 1 Nov 13
South Africa pins hopes of economic boost on fracking
Fracking in the Karoo region may offer a much-needed revitalisation of the South African economy, despite public protests against exploration and extraction. Benefits are likely to offset environmenta... 28 Oct 13
Baltic dependence on Russian gas about to end
At the moment, European energy markets are heavily dependent on Russian supplies. This is especially true of the countries with direct land borders to the big bear, including Finland and... 19 Oct 13
Forget finance: Agribusiness risks could reap greater rewards
The agribusiness sector offers investors greater risks and rewards than the financial sector: take a look for yourself. Imagine a decentralized global industry, historically important to the political... 18 Oct 13
Risky Business: Addressing Agriculture Supply Chains
A study published in 2011 by The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City stated: Strong global food demand and robust biofuels markets have strained the current production capabilities of global... 11 Oct 13
Libya Has 99 Problems, and Oil is Still One
Post-Gaddafi Libya continues to struggle as militias block government access to vital oil fields, with spending and stability both taking a hit as a result. Nearly a month after oilfield... 10 Oct 13
Oil Theft is a Black Spot on Nigeria’s Economy
As a major oil producer, Nigeria faces a serious problem with oil theft, as thieves siphon off oil from poorly maintained and under-guarded pipelines. A report released last month by... 8 Oct 13
Miliband’s Energy Price Freeze Lacks Long-Term Strategy
Labour leader Ed Miliband has decided to start a war with British energy suppliers, announcing major changes in the UK’s energy sector regulation if Labour wins the 2015 general elections.... 7 Oct 13
China Moves on Arctic Resource Potential
China hopes to utilize its growing economic clout and new Arctic council observer status to push for greater polar influence. This year, the Arctic Council admitted six new nations as... 30 Sep 13
Saudi Arabia’s record output fails to ease shortage fears
As a number of OPEC countries face stagnant or falling production and oil prices creep steadily upwards, the question of whether Saudi Arabia can offset further shortages is more pressing... 28 Sep 13
Is hydropower the key to Georgia’s economic future?
Georgia seeks to capitalize on potential hydro-power reserves to increase local production and potentially become an energy exporter. In May, India’s Tata Power agreed to invest in two hydroelectric... 27 Sep 13
Lithuania seeks energy Independence
Following Russian threats, Lithuania is seeking to pursue energy independence, as its current energy imports firmly in Moscow’s hands. The Russian Federation has been in the headlines as of late... 26 Sep 13
Debate Over U.S. Natural Gas Exports Heats Up
The consequences of the shale gas and oil energy revolution in the United States have had a great impact on the U.S. industry and economy. The benefits are by now... 24 Sep 13
Syria’s Civil War Has Environmental Origins
The environmental causes of Syria’s civil war are often overlooked by commentary on the conflict: join GRI as we dive into the issue. In the middle of a bloody conflict,... 23 Sep 13
Greenland’s Energy Slowly Reveals Itself
One of the most visible effects of global climate change in recent years, is the thawing of Arctic ice, which could have particularly disastrous consequences by raising global sea levels or... 17 Sep 13
Turkey Key to Future European Energy Security
With gas from the Caspian Sea set to move from the Southern Caucasus to Europe through Turkey by 2019, the EU-candidate country is destined to evolve into a more robust... 15 Sep 13
Energy Prices Drive Inflation in Japan
Japan’s efforts to increase inflation are getting a boost from energy prices, yet overall inflation rates continue to be below government targets of 2%. Inflation up Japanese consumer prices increas... 14 Sep 13
Trans-Adriatic Pipeline Enhances European Energy Security
Those concerned with European energy are excited for the arrival of finalized plans for the Southern Gas Corridor that will carry natural gas from Azerbaijan, through Turkey, Albania, Greece to... 3 Sep 13
Risks abound in Mexico’s new oil laws
Much has been made of the recent announcement that Mexico is seeking to update its oil laws, allowing foreign companies a role in the industry for the first time in... 29 Aug 13
Is Shale Gas Excitement in Eastern Europe Unwarranted?
Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, as it is commonly known, is the method of extracting natural gas from shale rock. Despite environmental concerns over the process of pumping water and chemicals... 28 Aug 13
David Cameron’s Energy Strategy Faces Tough Challenges
David Cameron faces tough challenges to his efforts to re-direct the United Kingdom’s energy strategy; whether he succeeds, only time will tell. In early August, UK Energy and Business Minister... 20 Aug 13
The Real Reason High Oil Prices Lead to Instability
Businesses rarely gain from political instability so trying to predict unrest is a critical activity for any entity investing in a volatile corner of the world. One of the factors... 13 Aug 13
Shale Oil Changes International Energy Trade
At the onset of the global financial crisis in the summer of 2008, with oil prices hitting $147 per barrel, no political or energy analyst considered shale oil as an... 10 Aug 13
Nuclear Power Opportunities Move East
A birds-eye look at the nuclear power industry in 2013 reveals a depressing picture. Early in the 2000s, thanks to a combination of rising fossil fuel prices and a lack... 5 Aug 13
Shale Gas is the New Kid in Town
In the last several years the shale oil and gas revolution has changed the energy sector in the United States and will transform the country from an importer to an... 23 Jul 13
Algeria Restores Hope for EU Energy Security
As one of the most resource-rich nations in the Mediterranean region, Algeria has long been identified as a strategic energy partner by European Union policymakers. Reflecting this vision, the develop... 19 Jul 13
The Case Against Self-Regulation in Extractive Industries
Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of international social issues and are demanding more responsible businesses. A model that is often discussed as an example of successful industry regulation ... 17 Jun 13
Japanese Investment Breaks South Sudan Oil Deadlock
Without oil, the only major source of revenue for South Sudan, the country would be essentially bankrupt. Fortunately, Japanese investment is changing that. Africa’s vast natural resource wealth off... 15 Jun 13
Central Asian pipelines inhibit prosperity
Pipelines density in Central Asia create concentrated economies thus allowing autocratic government greater control and longevity. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Central Asia experienced ... 24 May 13
Canada’s Tar Sand Foreign Policy Stifles Manufacturing
Canada’s  over-reliance on raw commodity exports, notably the tar sands, has weakened its economy and stifled a struggling manufacturing sector. In the past few years Canada’s foreign policy has ... 20 May 13
Shale Oil is Key to Jordan’s Energy Future
Jordan plans to have electricity from shale oil make up 14 percent of energy demand by 2020. Recent developments indicate that Jordan is moving closer to making this vision a... 20 May 13