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Mining Industry at Center of Australian Election
Investors with exposure to resource extraction and related industries in Asia should watch the upcoming Australian parliamentary elections as they will impact the shape of the region’s economy. Aust... 16 May 13
Rogun Dam promises energy security for Central Asia
In 1976 the Soviet Union began construction of a major hydroelectric project in the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic. The Rogun Dam was to be a major feat of engineering which... 13 May 13
Brazil explores pre-salt oil extraction
Energy independence has moved up on many country’s agenda recently, and Brazil is no exception. Brazil is looking beyond the coastline to its underwater oil reserves and preparing for pre-salt... 12 May 13
Climate change is the ultimate prisoners’ dilemma
The difficulty in rallying disparate nations to collectively fight against climate change demonstrates that the issue is the ultimate prisoners dilemma. Global climate change has been on the internati... 9 May 13
The Dragon looks North: China’s emerging Arctic policy
The future potential of an Arctic shipping corridor has caught China’s attention, as Beijing increases its involvement in the region. The Mandarin translation for the word ‘crisis’ is ‘危机... 7 May 13