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Final agreement with Iran would boost trade but hurt China
With the introduction of a comprehensive agreement and the thawing of U.S-Iranian relations, a new era of regional dynamics will be ushered in. Some of these dynamics could adversely impact... 26 May 14
Lack of energy sector reform holds back Russian economy
Russia remains a leading worldwide energy exporter, but its energy sector remains a laggard in desperate need of modernization. Governmental corruption and a restricted domestic market both stand in t... 25 Mar 14
Canadian aboriginal victory jeopardise energy projects
Late June, Canada’s Supreme Court granted the First Nations group Tsilhqot’in aboriginal title over a vast area of land in British Columbia. The ruling puts energy and natural resource projects ... 26 Jul 14
Ukraine crisis hurts Arctic relations
Western sanctions spell serious disruptions for petroleum exploration in the Arctic, and threaten to undo decades of work to foster cross-border trade and relations in northern Norway. The crisis in... 9 Oct 14
EDA: Egypt exposed to price shocks in subsidy overhaul
EXTERNAL DEPENDENCIES ANALYSIS: Egypt’s attempts to reform highly subsidized oil and grain markets reveal key trade vulnerabilities. Egypt’s dependency on imported oil and cereals (despite its ow... 1 Dec 14
Argentina’s uncertain energy future
Despite natural resource potential and recent policy changes to encourage investment, Argentina faces challenges in the energy sector as global oil prices are low, investor confidence remains shaky an... 27 Dec 14
Oil sector expected to reduce investment in new projects
Despite the overall benefits for the global economy, the prolonged period of low oil prices is likely to reduce investment in new oil projects, raising the potential for economic and political... 7 Feb 15
Does the moon hold the key to the world’s energy crisis?
The worlds largest energy consumers are deeply aware of the urgency of addressing their energy trilemmas – how to balance energy security, energy equity (access and affordability) and environmental ... 28 Feb 15
Siberian Tigers: Rosneft expands in India
A Rosneft-led group of buyers just closed a deal for 98% of the Indian firm Essar Oil’s Vadinar refinery and oil terminal facility. In conjunction with the Dutch oil firm Trafigura and Russian fund ... 22 Oct 16
The Dragon looks North: China’s emerging Arctic policy
The future potential of an Arctic shipping corridor has caught China’s attention, as Beijing increases its involvement in the region. The Mandarin translation for the word ‘crisis’ is ‘危机... 7 May 13
The Case Against Self-Regulation in Extractive Industries
Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of international social issues and are demanding more responsible businesses. A model that is often discussed as an example of successful industry regulation ... 17 Jun 13
Trans-Adriatic Pipeline Enhances European Energy Security
Those concerned with European energy are excited for the arrival of finalized plans for the Southern Gas Corridor that will carry natural gas from Azerbaijan, through Turkey, Albania, Greece to... 3 Sep 13
China Moves on Arctic Resource Potential
China hopes to utilize its growing economic clout and new Arctic council observer status to push for greater polar influence. This year, the Arctic Council admitted six new nations as... 30 Sep 13
The shale gas revolution is about to hit China
Shale gas extraction shows promising signs in China. The current 5-year plan aims to produce 60-100 billion cubic meters by 2020, so look for a more cohesive Chinese approach to... 3 Nov 13
Has India lost the bid for Sri Lanka’s hydrocarbons?
There have been signs of natural gas and oil reserves off the coast of Sri Lanka since the 1970s. However, a prolonged, bloody civil war lead to a halt in... 29 Dec 13
Despite India’s uncertain economy, solar energy is a good bet
While things seem to have turned around in the last couple of months, in 2013 India’s economy grew at its slowest rate – around 5% – in over a decade. However,... 3 Feb 14
India balances energy relationship with the Middle East
As India’s demand for energy and investment continues to increase, the Republic must strike a careful balance in its relationships with its many Middle Eastern trading partners. With over 1.2... 16 Mar 14
Austria-Russia gas deal exposes EU disunity over Ukraine
A recent gas deal between Austrian energy company OMV and Russian gas exporter Gazprom exposes fractures within the European Union bloc over responses to the Ukraine crisis and threatens the... 20 May 14
SEC implements ‘conflict mineral’ rule
The U.S. SEC’s ‘conflict mineral rule’ now requires companies to disclose their use of conflict minerals that originated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or an adjoining country. ... 12 Jul 14
Energy still contentious issue between Moscow and West
With European efforts to diversify its energy sources and reduce dependency on Russia, the conflict over energy is likely to spread beyond Ukraine. The fragile ceasefire and negotiations between Ukrai... 28 Sep 14
How Brazil is failing Petrobras
Petrobras has recently found itself mired in corruption scandals and holding sky-high debts that have led to the downgrade of its credit rating. Much of what’s behind the lagging performance... 30 Nov 14
DRC and Uganda could benefit from joint oil agreement
Tensions along the border between Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Uganda have risen over the last decade, as successive exploration and appraisal efforts have revealed presence of massive oil ... 23 Dec 14
Low oil prices bring instability to the global oil sector
A pro-longed period of low oil prices could have long-term consequences for the future of the oil industry and geopolitical stability of some oil exporting countries. Falling oil prices can be... 29 Jan 15
OPEC’s influence has long been exaggerated
The nearly 50% decline in oil prices questions the future of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and casts doubt on its ability to influence prices. However, the... 25 Feb 15
Uruguay to provide port space for landlocked Bolivia
Uruguay has signed an agreement with the Bolivian President Evo Morales to provide the landlocked Bolivia an outlet to the sea. The project will allow the country to access the Atlantic... 7 Apr 15
Is food security prompting a new race for Africa?
Rising food security concerns are driving developed countries to negotiate alarmingly large land purchases across the global south. While Western Europe led the colonization of Africa in the 19th cent... 30 Apr 15
Mexico’s low oil, low growth environment
Mexico’s central bank has cut its 2015 growth forecast for the second time in three months, in wake of concerns over the decline in oil production and weaker-than-expected growth from the... 29 May 15
Despite sanctions, Russia remains global energy player
Sanctions may have damaged the Russian energy sector, but Russian energy diplomacy is still scoring goals and helping Russia to retain its global power status. By seeking out alternative markets... 17 Jul 15
India’s systemic water crisis: Political and economic risks loom large
An ongoing Indian dispute over the Cauvery river is indicative of the broad and growing water crisis facing India. ... 3 Oct 16
Central Asian pipelines inhibit prosperity
Pipelines density in Central Asia create concentrated economies thus allowing autocratic government greater control and longevity. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Central Asia experienced ... 24 May 13
Arctic extraction sees huge potential, high risks
Massive petroleum and mineral reserves in the Arctic region are gradually becoming accessible due to climate change. However, companies face high risks as a result of large investment and operational... 6 Mar 14
Is Shale Gas Excitement in Eastern Europe Unwarranted?
Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, as it is commonly known, is the method of extracting natural gas from shale rock. Despite environmental concerns over the process of pumping water and chemicals... 28 Aug 13
Is hydropower the key to Georgia’s economic future?
Georgia seeks to capitalize on potential hydro-power reserves to increase local production and potentially become an energy exporter. In May, India’s Tata Power agreed to invest in two hydroelectric... 27 Sep 13
South Africa pins hopes of economic boost on fracking
Fracking in the Karoo region may offer a much-needed revitalisation of the South African economy, despite public protests against exploration and extraction. Benefits are likely to offset environmenta... 28 Oct 13
Four Countries that beat the resource curse
Four countries that have successfully navigated the potential pitfalls of natural resource wealth provide examples of how best to avoid falling victim to the “paradox of plenty.” A quick look... 22 Apr 14
Argentina’s nationalized oil company may plague finances
A new deal between the Argentina and Repsol, a Spanish multinational oil and gas company, will mark a new era for Argentinian state finances. It also introduces an important question: will Repsol’... 15 Dec 13
Sustainability fears drive water pipeline in the Gulf
Representatives from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states met recently in Kuwait to discuss the construction of a new pipeline in the region. At a projected cost of $10.5 billion for... 28 Jan 14
Europe moves to reduce energy dependency on Russia
The Ukrainian crisis and sour relations with Russia highlight the need to address the EU’s energy security issues. The recent EU Ypres summit decision might be an important step in... 3 Jul 14
Three things to know about the India-Australia uranium deal
The India-Australian uranium deal may help India address critical energy issues while enhancing its growing legitimacy as a nuclear power and shoring up Australia’s economic security. On Friday Augu... 19 Sep 14
Cutting oil production will not solve OPEC’s problems
As oil prices continue to fall, OPEC faces a dilemma at its meeting in Vienna on 27 November. Members must decide between decreasing production that will support the oil prices but... 25 Nov 14
Conflict in South Sudan a major concern for China
Economic dependence and political conflict between Sudan and South Sudan has turned into a dire investment climate. Chinese companies are caught in the middle, but also capitalise on political divisio... 14 Dec 14
Mexico’s oil and gas industry depends on greater security
As the oil and gas industry deals with a very unfavourable international market environment, Mexico’s current government can no longer ignore the risks posed by the country’s challenging security ... 25 Jan 15
Keystone XL vote increases Washington gridlock
Both the House and Senate have voted to approve the Keystone XL, but President Obama is slated to veto the bill. With important deadlines coming up, the Keystone debate will... 24 Feb 15
Solar gas promises to upset energy politics
Solar gas technology is the product of formidable innovations and research in the field of emissions-free technologies. This fairly new source of energy presents governments and private enterprises wi... 23 Mar 15
Amid falling production, Latin American oil is caught in the doldrums
Latin America’s oil industries, long seen as a relatively safe investment, are now caught in a squeeze between low oil prices, intra-hemisphere competition, corruption scandals, and increasingly voc... 27 Apr 15
The Grand Inga Dam: Solution to Africa’s “energy apartheid?”
A look at one of the most ambitious megaprojects in the modern era which could unlock Africa’s potential and uplift millions out of energy poverty.  Megaprojects in emerging markets have... 7 Jul 15
Why China should encourage a pipeline from Turkmenistan to Europe
Turkmenistan has emerged as a potential supplier of natural gas (NG) to Europe as the EU desperately searches for an alternative to Russian energy. The prospect of European exploitation of... 28 May 15
Andean investors wary due to lack of standards
Across the Andean region, foreign companies interested in natural resource extraction are clashing with indigenous communities. The main problem is inadequate government legislation concerning appropr... 20 Aug 15
Egypt’s gas find sets Mediterranean geopolitics on fire
The recent natural gas find in Egypt ensures the country’s energy security, but also alters the energy and geopolitical dynamics in the eastern Mediterranean. Over the past few years, the... 29 Sep 15
Challenges for Libya’s oil sector
Libya’s oil sector faces a host of challenges. The failure of the Tripoli-based GNC and Tobruk governments to reach a unity peace deal last month is pushing the country into... 9 Nov 15