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Morocco will soon have the world’s largest solar power plant
Morocco will soon be known as a solar giant with its world’s largest concentrated solar power plant, providing electricity to 1.1 million Moroccans by 2018. The Moroccan city of Ouarzazte... 4 Dec 15
East Africa’s pipeline politics in 2016
East Africa’s LAPSSET project remains at the volatile nexus of political and commercial dynamics with its short to medium term success increasingly unlikely. East Africa’s aspirations for economic... 15 Jan 16
The pressure is building on the Golan Heights
With Israel’s continued efforts to source economical oil from the region and an ongoing civil war in nearby Syria, the Golan Heights is once again in the spotlight, leaving the... 22 Mar 16
Who is funding ISIS?
While Al-Qaeda-like groups are relying on donations and convincing Muslim opinion worldwide, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) is exploiting both the local population and resources on... 18 Feb 16
Bolivia’s new mining laws and the future of private investment
New mining laws in Bolivia may give La Paz more control over mining, but rising expenditures and low oil may force it to open up new opportunities for investors.... 19 Sep 16
What Gazprom’s new pricing strategies mean for geopolitics
As countries such as the United States and Australia continue to ramp up production levels of natural gas, state-owned entities and traditional market leaders such as Gazprom are turning to... 13 Mar 16
Forecasting China’s nuclear industry growth in 2016
Despite appearing poised to miss key nuclear industry goals throughout the majority of 2015, a late-December push from Beijing towards significant expansion suggests that China’s nuclear industry i... 15 Feb 16
Libyan oil revival: Slim prospects?
A breakthrough deal to unify the Libyan energy sector promises higher production rates in the country which holds Africa’s largest proven crude reserves.... 21 Jul 16
Rogun Dam promises energy security for Central Asia
In 1976 the Soviet Union began construction of a major hydroelectric project in the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic. The Rogun Dam was to be a major feat of engineering which... 13 May 13
New rules for Indonesia’s mining sector see exports static
Indonesia has placed an export ban on mined ore to encourage local processing. The regulatory changes have been met with resistance from international mining companies, and investor confidence in Ind... 20 Feb 14
Nuclear Power Opportunities Move East
A birds-eye look at the nuclear power industry in 2013 reveals a depressing picture. Early in the 2000s, thanks to a combination of rising fossil fuel prices and a lack... 5 Aug 13
Greenland’s Energy Slowly Reveals Itself
One of the most visible effects of global climate change in recent years, is the thawing of Arctic ice, which could have particularly disastrous consequences by raising global sea levels or... 17 Sep 13
Cutting green taxes won’t fix the UK’s energy cost problems
Some of the UK’s green taxes are likely to be cut soon, but renewable energy may be the surprising beneficiary of the move. After two months of formulating a response... 28 Nov 13
Shale boom prompts calls for expanded US oil and gas exports
As US energy production increases from newly tapped shale resources, powerful voices are calling for a reexamination of the limitation on US crude exports and for a faster process permitting exports... 15 Jan 14
Iran is open for business and Switzerland leads the way
As Switzerland lifts its economic sanctions against Iran, Swiss companies lead the way in exploiting new opportunities. But the waters between Iran’s new openness and the West’s suspicions are tr... 31 Mar 14
Sino-Russian natural gas deal transforms global energy markets
The Sino-Russian energy deal will have profound economic consequences for global energy markets and will have an impact on relations between Russia and the West. On 21 May, Russia and... 27 May 14
New EU Energy Union aimed at breaking dependence on Russia
The recently announced Energy Union proposal is largely aimed at reducing the EU’s dependence on Russian gas. However, the proposed measures are unlikely to bring about the desired results. On... 4 Mar 15
Jordan turns to China for energy development
Despite the conflict in Iraq and Syria at its front door, Jordan is moving forward with plans to develop its energy sector. China is Jordan’s fastest growing partner in this... 17 Aug 14
Is genetic engineering a Black Swan for humanity?
Farming made civilization possible. Does crop technology spell the end of human existence? Some believe doom is a certainty. Fortunately, science is never certain and empirical evidence says no. by... 4 Jan 15
Short on energy, South Africa works in the dark
The South African public electricity utility Eskom is in a perceived crisis, threatening to constrain the local economy. Strong financial indicators from recent months, however, show the South Africa... 16 Apr 15
Will US shale oil undermine its own success?
The US shale revolution has remarkably influenced global energy markets over the past five years. Can falling oil prices tarnish the extraordinary success of hydraulic fracturing in the US and... 4 Nov 14
EDA: Declining oil prices pose threat to Algerian economy
EXTERNAL DEPENDENCIES ANALYSIS: In view of declining oil prices further dependence on the hydrocarbon sector may lead Algeria to face economic and political tremors in the long term.  One of the... 1 Dec 14
Central Eastern Europe and energy diversification
Since the outbreak of the crisis in Ukraine, the Central Eastern European (CEE) countries, namely the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, have been facing an increasing pressure to move... 16 Feb 15
New government in Alberta brings uncertain future for Canada’s oil industry
As Canada prepares for a general election in the fall, the collapse of an aligned provincial government is likely to unsettle many federal conservatives and force a revaluation of electoral... 12 May 15
Cairo’s ‘Zabaleen’ garbage collectors: Egypt’s diamond in the rough
Despite being sidelined for a decade, Cairo’s ‘Zabaleen’ garbage collectors have cultivated one of the world’s greenest waste-management systems – a rare entrepreneurial success story in Egy... 12 Jun 15
Is Power of Siberia a pipeline of the future?
The Power of Siberia pipeline is a 4,000 km natural gas pipeline. Upon its expected completion in 2019, it will be the largest fuel network in the world and fully... 29 Jul 15
Will OPEC change its ways as oil continues to tumble?
Once the indisputable ruler of oil markets, the OPEC cartel is under great pressure to revise its current policy as low oil prices are starting to hurt oil exporters’ economies... 11 Sep 15
Russia is creating a global nuclear power empire
Russia is moving to create a global nuclear power empire — a bold power play that elicits opportunity and risk far beyond the nuclear reactors themselves. With its ploys in... 29 Oct 15
Turkey remains a strategic partner for the West
Turkey may be a better strategic partner than Russia to both the U.S. and Europe. Just as the Western Roman Empire could not survive without access to the riches of its... 1 Dec 15
Congressional spending deal boosts US energy security
Abandoning a crude oil exports ban and introducing tax incentives for wind and solar power as part of a Congressional spending deal could become a powerful tool to strengthen the... 22 Dec 15
US LNG reaches out to global markets
With the first LNG export terminal in Sabina Pass, Louisiana now in operation, the US LNG export is becoming a reality, but low oil prices are constraining its future prospects.... 10 Feb 16
Economic and environmental impacts of the WTO ruling on India’s solar program
The WTO ruled against India on its National Solar Mission, arguing that its domestic contents requirement discriminates against U.S. solar panels. Since 2013, India and the United States have been... 10 Mar 16
US shale industry is painfully adapting to low oil prices
Low oil prices wrecked havoc with US shale producers, but increasingly the industry appears to be adapting successfully to new market conditions. ... 18 Jul 16
2016 is the year of cheap renewables, not oil
While much attention is devoted to the fall of oil prices, 2016 has seen a significant expansion in the development of renewable energies ... 20 Jun 16
Under The Radar: Why China’s energy deregulation overshadows the Aramco IPO
Fighting pollution and overcapacity, China is deregulating its energy sector, opening up one of the country’s last unexploited markets. ... 17 Jun 16
What we can expect from COP21
Following the Paris attacks, the UN’s upcoming Climate Change Conference has been maintained. Commonly described as critical for climate efforts on political agendas, it might be more efficient in r... 27 Nov 15
Algeria feels squeezed by falling energy prices
With an economy heavily dependent on oil, Algeria has launched a series of measures to secure falling revenues. Within OPEC, Algeria, perhaps more than other of its oil-producing members, is... 21 Aug 15
Growth in renewable energy is slowing, but China still leads the pack
The verdict from the International Energy Agency is in on the medium-term renewables market, and the forecast is mixed. China, however, is still leading the global push for clean energy. ... 13 Oct 15
The price war continues, but oil might rise soon
While OPEC decided to continue the price war at its December meeting, the downturn in oil prices might end in 2016, due to rebalancing in global supply and demand. OPEC’s... 9 Dec 15
Excelerate and DUSUP complete first gas-up operation at Jebel Ali LNG import terminal
Excelerate Energy and Dubai Supply Authority have completed the first commercial gas-up operation at DUSUP’s Jebel Ali LNG import terminal via Excelerate’s Explorer FSRU.... 29 Sep 16
Main power generation start-up on Ichthys two offshore facilities
The INPEX-led Ichthys LNG Project’s Central Processing Facility and FPSO facility have safely started up their main power generators.... 29 Sep 16
DW: LNG expenditure to grow by 50%
A new forecast from Douglas-Westwood suggests that global LNG expenditure will total US$284 billion between 2017 and 2021.... 29 Sep 16
World’s largest LNG importer resells LNG cargo to South Korean buyer
Japan’s Jera Co. has resold an LNG cargo to South Korea, signalling a major step towards the expansion of the company’s trading business.... 29 Sep 16
World’s largest LNG importer resells LNG cargo to South Korean buyer
Japan’s Jera Co. has resold an LNG cargo to South Korea, signalling a major step towards the expansion of the company’s trading business.... 29 Sep 16
PNW LNG approved by Canadian government
The Pacific NorthWest LNG project in British Columbia, Canada, has been approved by the federal government.... 29 Sep 16
PNW LNG approved by Canadian government
The Pacific NorthWest LNG project in British Columbia, Canada, has been approved by the federal government.... 29 Sep 16
Engie to supply LNG to Beijing
Engie has announced that it will deliver 10 cargoes of LNG to Beijing Gas Group this winter.... 29 Sep 16
Fortuna FLNG looking to Europe as its next key market
According to Reuters, Equatorial Guinea is discussing pricing terms with possible offtakers from its 2.2 million tpy Fortuna floating LNG project, with Europe being eyed as its next key market.... 29 Sep 16
ABB provides upgrade solution for LNG terminal
TEPCO Fuel & Power, Inc. has contracted ABB to upgrade the control and I/O systems for the Futtsu LNG terminal.... 29 Sep 16
Alaska officials visit South Korea
Governor Bill Walker recently met with the US Ambassador in South Korea and company officials to discuss potential partnership opportunities in Alaska’s LNG project.... 29 Sep 16