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AGDC appoints new President
Keith Meyer has been appointed as the new President of Alaska Gasline Development Corp. ... 17 Jun 16
KBR announces leadership appointment
Global engineering, procurement and construction company, KBR, has announced that Lynn Nazareth has been appointed Vice President of Investor Relations.... 17 Jun 16
IEA releases 2016 ‘Medium-Term Gas Market Report’
The International Energy Agency has released its 2016 ‘Medium-Term Gas Market Report’, which forecasts significant shifts in the global gas trade over the next five years.... 17 Jun 16
SCT&E LNG signs binding supply agreement
SCT&E LNG has signed a binding 20-year fixed price natural gas supply agreement.... 17 Jun 16
Further strikes at Elengy’s French LNG terminals
According to Reuters, the CGT union has confirmed that two 24 hr strikes will be carried out by Elengy’s workers on the company’s three LNG terminals.... 17 Jun 16
NCECP approves new rules for the use of Lithuanian LNG terminal
Klaipedos Nafta AB has announced that the National Commission for Energy Control and Prices (NCECP) has approved the new edition of the Rules for Use of the Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal. ... 17 Jun 16
ExxonMobil announces two PNG LNG milestones
The Kumul LNG carrier has successfully loaded its first cargo at the Papua New Guinea LNG marine facilities, and the 200th cargo is scheduled to be loaded onto the Spirit of Hela on 4 – 5 June 2016.... 17 Jun 16
Toho Gas enters LNG SPA with Diamond Gas
Toho Gas Co. Ltd has announced that it has entered a sale and purchase agreement with Diamond Gas International Pte. Ltd for the purchase of LNG from the US Cameron LNG project.... 17 Jun 16
Beach Energy hires new CFO
Beach Energy Ltd has reported the appointment of Mr Morné Engelbrecht as its Chief Financial Officer, effective 29 August 2016.... 17 Jun 16
Thailand’s PTT to increase LNG terminal capacity
According to Reuters, Thailand’s PTT will increase the capacity of its Map Ta Phut LNG import terminal, whilst also planning to construct a second terminal.... 17 Jun 16
Venture Global LNG appoints new member to Board of Directors
Venture Global LNG Inc. has announced that it has appointed Terry Newendorp to its Board of Directors.... 17 Jun 16
IOLPL contracts Amec Foster Wheeler
Amec Foster Wheeler has been awarded a contract for an LNG import and regasification terminal in India.... 17 Jun 16
Cheniere appoints President and CEO to Board of Directors
Jack A. Fusco has been appointed to Cheniere Energy’s Board of Diectors.... 17 Jun 16
ABS joins LNG-fuelled dry bulk carrier design project
ABS has announced that it has joined forces with Arista Shipping, Gaztransport & Technigaz, Deltamarin and Wärtsilä to develop a new, LNG-fuelled, dry bulk carrier concept.... 17 Jun 16
Höegh LNG releases interim results for 1Q16
Höegh LNG has released its interim results for 1Q16, demonstrating an increase in EBITDA since the previous quarter.... 17 Jun 16
Work underway to launch LNG barges on Ganga
India’s Ministry of Shipping has announced that work is progressing to lauch LNG barges on waterways in Ganga, India.... 17 Jun 16
Under The Radar: Why China’s energy deregulation overshadows the Aramco IPO
Fighting pollution and overcapacity, China is deregulating its energy sector, opening up one of the country’s last unexploited markets. ... 17 Jun 16
US LNG could let Eastern Europe diversify its energy supply
Central and Eastern Europe are looking for ways to diversify their energy supply. LNG supplied via Croatia provides a promising opportunity. ... 22 May 16
After Al-Naimi: Mirage and reality
Ali Al-Naimi’s dismissal marks a pivotal moment in the history of Saudi Arabia and global oil markets.... 20 May 16
Judicial activism, the de facto regulator of Colombian mining
The Colombian Constitutional Court recently banned mining in areas known as paramos, highlighting how judicial activism replaces regulation.... 17 May 16
The end of OPEC as we know it?
U.S shale, the global oil glut, and Riyadh’s move to diversify away from oil, all sound the death knell for OPEC as we know it.... 13 May 16
The grip of OPEC “oiligopolists” weakens as Saudi strategy shifts
Oil is moving into a new paradigm, in which markets decide the price. U.S. shale production and Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 add new market dynamics.... 8 May 16
Crisis in Venezuela – A lesson from Saudi Arabia
Venezuela is hit by a nationwide energy crisis brought on by severe drought, hurting a weak economy that is already suffering from the drop in oil prices. ... 2 May 16
China and India could destabilize global coal market
Tectonic shifts in the global coal market are underway, posing a series of questions for traditional coal supply markets.... 29 Apr 16
Copper proves a rocky road for Zambia
Copper mining has fueled economic growth in Zambia over the last decade, but the country risk becoming dependent on a single commodity. ... 25 Apr 16
Doha meeting reveals Opec’s inability to control global oil prices
The recent Doha meeting of major oil producers failed to agree oil output freeze deal and confirmed the existence of deep disagreements within Opec.... 19 Apr 16
How Asia’s dead are causing instability
Asia’s aging populations, lack of burial space, religious preferences, and environmental concerns are causing problems in Singapore, Hong Kong, and beyond.... 14 Apr 16
Algeria’s energy outlook for 2016: Do security risks trump investment opportunities?
Algeria’s state-owned hydrocarbon firm has endured recent policy adjustments that now provide foreign investors with new opportunities. But increasing energy insecurity threatens to nullify the pote... 28 Mar 16
The pressure is building on the Golan Heights
With Israel’s continued efforts to source economical oil from the region and an ongoing civil war in nearby Syria, the Golan Heights is once again in the spotlight, leaving the... 22 Mar 16
One man’s trash: The urban mining revolution
Global consumption is growing, and so is the amount of e-waste. Urban mining seeks to tap the billions of dollars worth of minerals sitting in landfills. As the global electronics... 21 Mar 16
Russia and China continue to forge energy ties
The Russian pivot to Asia continues with a $2.2. billion deal between energy giant Gazprom and the Chinese National Bank. The loan will help the Russian natural gas monopolist to... 14 Mar 16
What Gazprom’s new pricing strategies mean for geopolitics
As countries such as the United States and Australia continue to ramp up production levels of natural gas, state-owned entities and traditional market leaders such as Gazprom are turning to... 13 Mar 16
Economic and environmental impacts of the WTO ruling on India’s solar program
The WTO ruled against India on its National Solar Mission, arguing that its domestic contents requirement discriminates against U.S. solar panels. Since 2013, India and the United States have been... 10 Mar 16
Five years after Fukushima, Japan’s nuclear sector still frozen
Half a decade and billions of dollars after the Fukushima disaster, Japan’s nuclear sector remains frozen. Is there hope for a successful restart? Before 2011, nuclear power accounted for roughly... 9 Mar 16
Climate change, dams and risk on the Mekong
Climate change is threatening the economic and political future of the Mekong region. Excessive dam building is accelerating these risks. Failure to act will significantly impact growth in the region.... 29 Feb 16
China’s growing deserts a major political risk
As desertification in China increases and government efforts to stop the sand’s advance falter, serious political risks are emerging from hub to hinterland. When most people think of China’s lands... 26 Feb 16
Saudi-Russian deal not a quick fix for the oil crisis
The recent deal struck between Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Venezuela to prop up oil prices by freezing production levels at January levels might have a psychological effect on oil... 20 Feb 16
Who is funding ISIS?
While Al-Qaeda-like groups are relying on donations and convincing Muslim opinion worldwide, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) is exploiting both the local population and resources on... 18 Feb 16
Presenting the five oil exporters most affected by currency devaluation
Devaluation is the word of the day in oil exporting countries. Whether it is the Nigerian naira, the Venezuelan bolívar, or the Russian rouble, low oil prices are wreaking havoc... 16 Feb 16
Forecasting China’s nuclear industry growth in 2016
Despite appearing poised to miss key nuclear industry goals throughout the majority of 2015, a late-December push from Beijing towards significant expansion suggests that China’s nuclear industry i... 15 Feb 16
For Nigeria and Angola, the prospect of international loans offers a mixed blessing
With Nigeria and Angola seeking international loans to help ease their oil pain, investors are hoping that any loans will lead to a revision of their worrisome economic policies.  With... 15 Feb 16
Forecasting China’s nuclear industry growth in 2016
Despite appearing poised to miss key nuclear industry goals throughout the majority of 2015, a late-December push from Beijing towards significant expansion suggests that China’s nuclear industry i... 15 Feb 16
US LNG reaches out to global markets
With the first LNG export terminal in Sabina Pass, Louisiana now in operation, the US LNG export is becoming a reality, but low oil prices are constraining its future prospects.... 10 Feb 16
Russia’s long-game in Antarctica runs political risk
Recent signals out of Moscow suggest the increasing consideration of Antarctica in Russia’s broader strategic vision, a destabilizing trend that risks triggering militarized competition among resour... 28 Jan 16
Is China drilling for oil in Vietnamese waters?
China’s Haiyang Shiyou 981 oil rig is reportedly once again operating in waters contested by Vietnam.  The rig’s return creates a number of risks for investors operating in Vietnam and... 27 Jan 16
Forecasts for the state of US shale oil
US shale oil transformed global energy markets over the past decade. But as the first wave of excitement over energy windfalls has passed, the grim reality has kicked in with... 24 Jan 16
How will the Saudi-Iranian conflict affect oil markets?
The recent Saudi-Iranian clash is unlikely to affect oil markets for now, but the redistribution of political power between Saudi Arabia and Iran, along with the US disengagement from the... 18 Jan 16
East Africa’s pipeline politics in 2016
East Africa’s LAPSSET project remains at the volatile nexus of political and commercial dynamics with its short to medium term success increasingly unlikely. East Africa’s aspirations for economic... 15 Jan 16
Haiti’s gold problem
Haiti’s hidden gold may hold the key to alleviating its socio-economic issues; however this will be dependent on political stability and the absence of crony capitalism. Haiti is the poorest... 11 Jan 16
Crude oil prices could detract from short-term security in Nigeria
 An economic slowdown due to a decrease in oil revenues in 2016 could contribute to a deteriorating security situation in Nigeria, causing investor apprehension to rise. This article examines the... 10 Jan 16