Process Engineering Consulting

 Pellcon Technical Services representatives have experience in design and operation of the following unit operations 

  • Single and multiphase pipelines
  • Primary phase separation
  • Pumping and compression
  • Dewpointing and natural gas liquids (NGL) liquids recovery by turbo expander and mechanical refrigeration
  • Acid gas removal units (AGRU) - CO2 and H2S removal using solvent based processes, such as propietary amine and Benfield solvents,  and also with membrane technology
  • Sulphur recovery from waste gas streams
  • LPG/NGL fractionation and condensate stabilization
  • Dehydration
  • Mercury removal
  • Crude oil distillation
  • Fired heaters  
  • Offsites including storage and loading terminals, flare systems and fire protection systems


Pellcon Technical Services  extensive experience base in natural gas asset development and gas development project execution enables us to provide effective and wide ranging support for client needs for areas including:


The Initiation Phase, where a business opportunity is identified and formulated, necessarily requires skilled engineering to allow the opportunity to be assessed by formulating a broad concept and initial high level economic evaluation, as well as the formulation of a rough project road map.  
Project oversight through all project phases 
Composition studies, process simulations, equipment sizing
Review and verification of design deliverables through any project phase.