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Wet Gas Processing Plant-Membrane Acid Gas Removal

Expansion of existing gas processing  plant, to install an additional  2 x  118,000 Sm3/h (100 mmscfd) acid gas removal trains and associated facilities, 2 x100% export compression trains to an export pressure of 101 bara, and additional condensate storage tanks, to process conventional gas feed containing up to 9.8 mol% CO2 and 16 ppmv H2S, and 50 bbl/mmscf condensate. 



Unit operations:Membrane Tubes

  • Inlet separation
  • Mercury removal using metal oxide catalyst
  • Acid gas removal utilizing UOP membrane technology for CO2 (and H2S) removal
  • Dehydration using TEG
  • Hydrocarbon dewpointing by turbo expander
  • Compression -  electric drive centrifugal compression
  • Condensate stabilization by non-refluxed column
  • Condensate storage tanks 4 x 3771 m3 (23,700 barrels) and 241 kW export pumps




    Product Specifications:  Membrane Elements

    • Maximum CO2  3.0 mol%
    • maximum H2S  4 ppmv
    • Water dewpoint cialis generique of less than 0°C at 71 bara
    • Hydrocarbon  cricondentherm of less than 5°C.
    • Condensate stabilized with a TVP of less than 1.0 bara at 40°C.




    Arab Republic of Egypt

    Project Value: 

    Approximate Project Value  $400 MM USD

    Project Date: 

    Plant Commissioned: 2009


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